Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay an ongoing royalty? 
Yes. The ongoing royalty is 5% of gross revenues and is payable on a weekly basis. 

Can I expect help in choosing and setting up a location? 
BAB provides the use of our proprietary Store Development Manual to assist you in selecting and evaluating the various locations you are considering in your area. Once you've made a decision, our team of design consultants will draw up a site plan that takes full advantage of the location you've chosen. 

Will I or my employees receive training and start-up help? 
We'll fully familiarize two people with every phase of the operation during our intensive training program. Then, a field operations consultant will be available to provide you with additional assistance at your store prior to and during your opening. 

Do I need prior food service experience? 
No. Everything you'll need to know and everything you'll need to do is covered in our training, personal support and comprehensive Operations Manuals. 

What are the hours? 
Since we're not a full service restaurant, our stores are generally open from 6 am to 6 pm. However, some stores have extended hours to take advantage of the later day part segment with our coffee and dessert offerings. 

What size will my BAB store be? 
We generally recommend between 1,600-2,000 sq. ft. 

Is advertising support available? 
Yes. Ongoing marketing and advertising create brand awareness and build good will for all our proprietary products. You are required to contribute 3% of your gross revenues to a Marketing Fund. We will coordinate and place professionally prepared advertising directly into your local market. 

Can I sell my BAB franchise? 
Yes. However, we do reserve the right to approve the subsequent buyer. 

Do I have to buy all my food products and production equipment from you? 
We provide specifications for the purchase of these items, which you purchase from our designated suppliers. We have researched and negotiated with reputable companies that provide our franchisees with quality products, fair prices, and service after the sale.

Are there multi-unit opportunities available if I want to own more than one store? 
Yes. For qualified individuals, we offer an Area Development Agreement granting the franchisee the opportunity to develop a number of additional franchises within an exclusive territory. 

If I'm interested in learning more, what do I do next? 
Click the "Apply" tab on the top of the page and either fill out the full Franchise Application, or fill out the Contact Us form. A franchise development representative will contact you to answer your questions and assist you in the franchising process

Do you franchise outside of the United States?
Big Apple Bagels has a Licensing Program for International developers.