Franchisee Testimonials

Our Franchisees Set Us Apart!

"I actually purchased my Big Apple Bagels franchise from its previous owner back in 2010. I had been involved with other franchises but I thought that the opportunity was greater with Big Apple Bagels. I learned that the franchise was for sale and I seized the opportunity. I think the bagels and muffins are unsurpassed; first-time customers soon become regulars. Of particular value to me has been the ability to build my business through sales "outside the 4 walls" in the form of wholesaling to other businesses and doing large scale catering orders. I'm proud of the fact that my franchise has been in the top ten for annual sales volume for each of the past 6 years."

-- Alex Bulmer, Big Apple Bagels, Forest Lake, MN


"My wife and I opened our store in 2002. Neither of us had run a food-service business before but we were attracted at the idea of being "our own boss." We are located near a college and therefore many of our customers are students, which makes for a pretty fast-paced environment with some unique needs. We appreciate that with BAB, unlike what is the case with many other national franchises, we are afforded some flexibility with our menu items and our food vendors. They understand that the different store locations each have different types of customer base. Also, I don't feel like we are "a number." The people at BAB Corporate know who I am when I call and I think our interaction is more friendly than one might expect in this type of a relationship."

-- Marc Pennau, Big Apple Bagels, Oshkosh, Wisconsin


"My husband and I have been franchisees since 2000. When we first started, there were very few of this type of concept in our area. Now there is more competition in town, but I love that our customers are loyal to us because we are local owners and are their neighbors. Corporate allows us to retain some of our family-owned style and has recently worked with us on some great refurbishments to our store. Besides the fact that our products are loved by customers, I have found it rewarding that as a local owner I have been able to "give back" to the community and use my position as a business owner to help others through the way I can utilize my store to work with charities. BAB Corporate has always considered community involvement to be a cornerstone of their local marketing philosophy and I have really embraced that."The BAB Systems, Inc. franchise program is designed to help franchise owners reach their individual growth potential. Whether you are interested in owning one or several BAB Systems, Inc. stores, we'll work with you to determine the growth options that are right for you.

-- Judy Faulhaber, Big Apple Bagels, Dubuque, Iowa